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Dear Bouvier des Flandres friends,

Please let us introduce ourselvs and our kennel.
van de Nevelhoeve Bouviers already breeds beautiful healthy Bouviers since 1994.
This kennel succesfully breeded over 20 Champions, not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe and even in the United States of America.
No wonder that because of that you will find van de Nevelhoeve Bouviers all over the world.

We are Jan and Monique Lamberink, loving this brave dogs from childhood and owning Bouviers since 1981.
Beginning of April 2017 we took over the kennel “van de Nevelhoeve” from Martijn en Babs Koster who were responsible for consciously breeding and improving the Bouviers to the beautiful dogs they are today.
We are very proud and happy to continue breeding in the same way with a lot of patience but most of all lots of love.

Jan en Monique

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